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Our History

1987 – Surplec is officially registered.
From his modest apartment, Mr. Mario Lambert manages lists of electrical inventory that will collect at the Masters Electricians and industrialists of the Eastern Townships. The product lists are redistributed to these same customers who welcome this new concept to avoid product expectations and save a lot of money. These customers are also very happy to see their stagnant inventories finally move. It’s instant success!

1988 – Opening of the first warehouse (1000 square feet) to store materials purchased or on consignment. Danny Bennett becomes the first employee of Surplec. He will later become a shareholder, vice-president and president of Surplec Industriel Inc.

The territory served by the company is rapidly expanding throughout Quebec and the demands for circuit breakers, panels, cables and all types of used electrical equipment are constantly growing. Surplec will purchase the surpluses of all major projects in the 80s and 90s and offer one of the largest physical and potential inventories in Canada

1990 – The premises of 149 Godin are inaugurated. A 6000 sq. Ft. Warehouse is filled with Teak and other surplus electrical cables. 8 more expansions will be launched in the next 15 years.

1991 – Lucien Allard, with his vast experience in high voltage, brings a new dimension to the company, which begins to re-manufacture products according to demand.

1993 – Opening of the Laval branch. Expansion and installation in Sherbrooke of a 25- tons overhead crane, paint shop, cable reconditioning, remanufacturing panel, motor control center, and high-voltage equipment workshop, etc …

1994 – Surplec opens a Generator Division, which allows it to include generators in a plant’s complete electrical system purchases. For 3 years, sales in this division are limited to reconditioned generators. To lead this new workshop, Sylvain Roy (August 8, 1994) joins the Surplec team. He is now a shareholder of Surplec HV Inc.

1997 – Surplec obtains its ISO-9001 certification, becoming the first in its field in North America.

1997 – (Fall) Groban (USA) asks Surplec to represent its products in Canada. At that time, it was unclear that in January 1998, an ice storm would hit Quebec allowing it to sell more than 1,000 portable and industrial devices. Surplec Generators was created.

2004 – The low voltage division was renamed Surplec Industriel Inc.,  Mr. Danny Bennett became president and principal shareholder; the others being Jocelyn Pellerin, Serge Trépanier and Mario Lambert. Surplec Industrial Inc. serves Canadian customers and takes care of everything 600V and less…

2016 – Surplec Industrial Inc. modernizes its corporate image for SIB Electric Inc., inspired by the acronym for Surplec Industriel Basse tension. The Surplec Generators division, which excels in the sale and maintenance of generators, also changes its name and logo for SIB Generators.

2017 – SIB Electric Inc. Sherbrooke moved and expanded its area to 34,000 square feetCustom-built to meet growing demand, our new building will deliver substantial efficiencies. Serge Trepanier is now President of SIB Electrique inc. SHERBROOKE and Jocelyn Pellerin is President of SIB Electric Inc. LAVAL
Consolidated into a single larger complex, our goal remains the same, ensuring a diverse service offering with a team that stands out, with the irreproachable quality of its customer service that has made us famous for many years.

2019 – SIB Electric Inc. launches its WebStore and its preventive maintenance program SIBTECH. Thousands of products are available for purchase online as well as a huge Free Library of Technical Data and Reference Archives!

Our vast inventory of diversified surpluses in the field of low voltage, new or used with a one-year warranty, has given us the solid leader reputation in the field of electrical products.

By working with SIB Electric Inc your ensuring a diverse range of services with a distinguished team and irreproachable qualities of its customer services that has made us renowned for many years.


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